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​The Heart Of The Matter


Cultivating creative wisdom for uncertain times

A course for women who are up for an adventure


Sundays 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th Nov & 6th Dec

10.30am - 12.30pm  * Online *

“There are people who prefer to say 'yes' and there are people who prefer to say 'no'. Those who say 'yes' are rewarded by the adventures they have. Those who say 'no' are rewarded by the safety they attain.” 

― Keith Johnstone (Improv practitioner)






One by donation place is offered,

and a payment plan can be arranged for anyone who cannot afford to pay in one go. Email Karin to discuss.

Click on the button below to book online.


Places are limited.

Advance booking is required.

Booking closes 1 hr before the workshop starts.

“Love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue.”

                        – Rainer Maria Rilke

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You are invited to go an adventure to reflect on the year past, and what meaningful change you wish to make in the year to come. Many of us have been profoundly moved, in our own ways, by 2020. To be able to accept and creatively respond to the impermanence and uncertainties of our lives, we can tap into inner wisdom that we already have.


We are all creative beings with life experience, skills and knowledge that we rarely fully access. In this course, we will travel together to dig deep and share what we already know in our hearts, bodies and minds, and perhaps have not been listening to.

This is a contemplative, embodied and creative journey for a small circle of up to 8 women.


The course is shaped like the heroine’s journey. In mythology and storytelling, the hero’s or heroine's journey is the common template for many tales that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, overcomes a challenge, and returns home changed or transformed. We will explore what the heroine’s journey might be for each one of us.

The course broadly follows the stages of the heroine’s journey:

Session 1 – The Call (the longing)
Listening to your inner voice. Is there agitation? Dissatisfaction? A call to change? An inspiration? Where do you want to go?

Session 2 – The Threshold (facing the unknown)
Explore obstacles to change, the habits that you think hold you back. Develop choice from increased awareness.

Session 3 – The Adventure (yes, and…)
The journey that provides growth and empowerment. Learning something new. Do things differently.

Session 4 – The Treasure (the pearl in the oyster)
The reward, wisdom, skill or blessing that you will attain on the journey.

Session 5 – The Return (coming home to a new belonging)
Preparation to apply what you have learnt on the course to your life. Integrating the changes.

The methods

Various forms of meditation and mind training practices to develop awareness

Different forms of accessible movement to be more in touch with our body wisdom

Creative work (you do not have to be an artist to engage in this)

Stories and myths

Group inquiry

Personal reflection

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