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To be fully and whole-heartedly present for our dance with life

Mindfulness is a meditative discipline which was developed by the Buddha approximately 2,500 years ago. Buddha was a yoga practitioner and from years of practice developed his own way of meditation which is centred around mindfulness - which you can define as "knowing what is happening, whilst it is happening, with kindness" (Mindfulness Association).


A profoundly simple practice, it requires dedicated commitment and compassion to train your mind to stay present with whatever it is that you are doing: yoga, spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature, meeting challenges or doing something mundane like washing the dishes. The results of practising regularly can be extremely rewarding and can bring significant benefits in terms of health and wellbeing.

Karin teaches compassion-based mindfulness classes every Tuesday lunchtime, workshops and courses in a secular and accessible way. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Mindfulness Studies from the University of Aberdeen and completed teacher training with the Mindfulness Association where she engages in ongoing supervision and professional development programmes for mindfulness tutors.

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