Mindfulness one-day workshops

Karin regularly runs one day courses for beginners and more exprienced meditation practitioners. Mindfulness enhances all forms of meditation and can give you fresh motivation to practice. These workshops focus on different aspects of mind training and understanding our own mind.

There is no change without protest
Resist, protect, react, mobilise and challenge
How the world will be in the future is up to us in the here and now

       - Jenni Laiti, 2016

Mindful & Resistant
A workshop for mindful social and political engagement in troubled times

Saturday 20th May 10am - 4.30pm

Canterbury Yoga Studio, Harbledown

Facilitators:  Bob Chisholm & Karin van Maanen


This workshop addresses the feelings of anxiety, anger and frustration that many people feel because of recent events.

Racism, xenophobia and ugly expressions of nationalism seem little more than veiled expressions of violence, yet they now seem to enjoy undeserved respectability in politics across the globe. Understandably, many people have reacted with despair. In this workshop we will attempt to come to terms with these negative trends without succumbing to pessimism or resorting to violence, drawing on such examples as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Ang Suu Kyi and Thich Nhat Hahn.

Three key features characterise our approach:

  • Mindfulness not simply as calm abiding, but also as the recollection of our values rooted in compassion and nonviolence. We will look at such negative emotions, as anger, fear, and hopelessness and develop ways and methods of transforming them and cultivating hope as the basis for positive action.

  • Resistance as principled dissent from bigotry, injustice and the abuse of power, especially when used against the powerless. Here we will take inspiration from political and social activists who express their spiritual commitments through their activism.

  • Skilful action as a means of expressing our resistance and honouring our commitment to the values of compassion and nonviolence


The day will be a combination of group work and discussion, mindful reflection and practical exercises. No prior experience of mindfulness required.


Bob Chisholm is a counsellor and psychotherapist with a background in Buddhist psychology.

Karin van Maanen is a Buddhist practioner and teacher of mindfulness and yoga.


£35 (or less, or more, depending on what you wish to or are able to give)

Canterbury Yoga has generously offered the use of its premises for a nominal fee to cover costs and Bob and Karin are offering this workshop for free. All proceeds will go to the South London Refugee Association: www.slr-a.org.uk


To book a place, please contact Bob via rj.chisholm55@gmail.com or 07847 637 764


Saturday 20th May 2017 ✪ 10am - 4.30pm

at Canterbury Yoga: www.canterburyyoga.co.uk