Accessing and preparing for an online class

So far people have found it surprisingly easy to access the online classes, even people who said they are terrible with computers and phone technology.


Please give it a go, and give me shout if you have any problems.

1. You can book in-person and Zoom classes online. Some small group classes will be run as a short course. Please click here for the current timetable and the online booking link

2. The classes are live-streamed from the yoga studio on Zoom (a small number of people can attend in person - see classes page and online booking page. For best results, you will need to download the Zoom app to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is free. For smartphones and tablets you can get it on the App Store. For computers, use this link to download Zoom: To keep the Zoom class room secure from unwanted guests (i.e. hackers), I will lock the room approximately 5 mins after the start time. You may be in the waiting room for a few moments before I can let you into the "Zoom room." Please turn up on time or you may be locked out or have to wait a while to be let in. If you have any wifi issues, Zoom usually re-establishes the connection automatically once your wifi signal has improved. You may be in the waiting room again if you have left the session completely and once the class is going I may not be able to let you in right away so please be patient if that happens.

3. Cick on the link for the class you want to attend (you will be sent the booking link automatically from the booking system after your payment has gone through, and I will also send a reminder email with the link a few hours before a class). Please join with your audio/microphone and video camera on. It is worth you having a play beforehand if you are new to Zoom. I will open the room approximately 5 - 10 mins. early - I may be able to assist with technology if there is time to do so before the class start.

4. Have your mat and yoga block, and/or a cushion and blanket ready with you. Put yourself somewhere clear and spacious if you can, check for trip hazards and move things out of the way that you might knock over. If you have toddlers and pets crawling all over you then join in anyway, it's OK.


5. When the class is in session please make sure your microphone is muted (there is a button to do this on the Zoom screen menu). Otherwise there is cacophony every time someone moves or the phone rings or the dog barks. I may also turn your mics off from my end. If you need to ask a question then please unmute yourself by clicking on the mic button on your own screen.

6. I am doing the classes from a live studio class and will often be giving mainly verbal instruction as getting a view of my whole body is not always possible. The classes are kept quite simple to keep everybody safe. It is different for me to teach online & in-person at the same time, and harder for me to observe everyone at the same time. This will also keep it very accessible to all, and actually will be more soothing for your bodies and nervous systems. A little back to basics really helps to keep us connected to our embodied selves.

7. As always, please do update me if you have any major changes in your health. You can do this via private message at the start of the class using the Zoom chat function or email me in advance.

Feel free to ask questions via email, if I can help I will.