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9.30 to 11.00


Embody Your Intentions For The Week

Develop a conscious and resourced approach to the present and immediate future through:

  • Mindful awareness of your body, mind and breath

  • Postures tailored to what you need to be able to embody this week

  • Guided relaxation to restore and balance your energy levels



11.45 to 13.00


Embodied Meditation Training

Get to know your embodied mind for improved physical and mental health through:

  • Sitting, walking, standing and lying down meditation to explore different modes of being

  • Very gentle mindful movement to find ease and comfort in your body

  • Meditation techniques from a range of contemplative traditions so that you can find out what works for you

  • Group inquiry to resolve any challenges in the practice and motivate you to keep meditating

  • Guided deep relaxation for healing



18.15 to 19.30


Rest & Restore

Restorative reconnection with your body mid-week, including:

  • Reflective meditation to process what is going on in your life

  • Calming breath work

  • Restful and releasing movement and posture work for more comfort in your body

  • A long guided relaxation to promote deep sleep



9.30 to 11.00


Movement & Mindfulness Medicine

Uplifting class to reflect on your week and prepare for the weekend to come, including:

  • Meditation for increased awareness

  • Balancing breath work

  • Stimulating movement and posture work for increased energy levels

  • Guided relaxation to restore you for the rest of your day and week