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 Karin's live online class timetable for 2023
All times are UK time


18.00 to 19.15



Restorative reconnection with your body mid-week, including:

  • Reflective meditation to process what is going on in your life

  • Calming and rejuvinating breath work

  • Restorative movement and posture work for more comfort in your body

  • Guided relaxation to promote deep sleep in the night to com


£8 per class, bulk booking (at least 3 classes) -10%. Additional reduction for people on low incomes. See booking page.



10.00 - 11.15


Movement  Medicine

This class will resume in 2024


Mindful movement to stimulate the bodymind, including:

  • Increasing strength and energy levels

  • Aspects of yoga, Feldenkrais, Hanna Somatics to bring ease to movement

  • Meditation & breath work to enhance awareness and settle the mind

  • Guided relaxation to restore you for the rest of your day and week


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