Day retreat

Spring Day Retreat At Home

Saturday 25th April 2020 10am - 3pm

Facilitators: Karin van Maanen & Lee Stagles


• Gentle, mindful movement to help your body and mind to find ease
• Guided meditation (no experience necessary) and relaxation to help you settle into a reflective, listening mode of being
• A story to help you reflect on how you are and what you wish to nurture

At this time of year, with spring in full flow, the days are lengthening. What will we do with the light available? Even though we are in lockdown, we still have a lot of choice in terms of what we wish to nurture and grow over spring and summer. It is a great time to reflect on what is important. What do you want to be able to harvest by autumn? With that in mind, we will be telling and sharing the story of The Three Cauldrons. This story can help us to reflect deeply on many of life's questions: What do you wish to nurture? Who are your teachers? What gold do you have at your disposal? How are you looking after your gold?

After the story, you’ll have some time to reflect on its meaning for you, and what you might keep with you from the story to inform your life.

The day is designed to be a retreat from the usual routines of your daily life.



Three day retreat at Minster Abbey - Mindfulness and Selfhood

Making time to connect to your body, mind and senses and practice in community


Spring 2020 retreat cancelled due to Covid-19


at Minster Abbey, Thanet
2021 dates to be announced

Facilitator & organiser: Karin van Maanen

Co-facilitator: Lee Stagles




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