When is the last time you were told a story?

Old stories are not only fun to listen to, they can also help us reflect deeply on treasures and obstacles in our own minds and lives.

Winter day retreat with storytelling, by the fire in the yurt

(Suitable for 16+)


10am - 4pm on Saturday 16th November at The Quiet View in Kingston



• Restorative, gentle yoga suitable for all
• Guided meditation (no experience necessary) and relaxation
• Storytelling by the fire

Once upon a time there was a yurt, in a secluded garden which was a well-kept secret, just outside the village of Kingston...

Karin and Lee invite you to The Quiet View, a magical place in the Kent countryside for a day retreat honouring the wisdom of winter with gentle, restorative yoga, relaxation, meditation and storytelling by the fire.

In nature, the season of winter is about pausing, resting, and nourishing ourselves. We will do just that with quietening practice and a story from the East: The Frog Princess. Not to be confused with the frog prince, not the princess and the frog and nothing to do with Disney… This is a darker story, once told around fires in yurts just like this one.

After the story, you’ll have some time to reflect on its meaning and what you might take home from the story to inform your life.

The day is designed to be a retreat from the busyness of your daily life and to prepare you to go back to your life refreshed and restored.


We wil be very cosy inside the Mongolian yurt at The Quiet View, with a woodburner for warmth. We may go outside for some walking meditation in the beautiful gardens. Please bring your yoga mat and a blanket if you can (some mats and blankets will be available to borrow), and a packed lunch. We will provide coffee, tea and biscuits.


The Quiet View
146 The Street, Kingston
Just outside Canterbury, Kent

Parking available on site. Directions will be sent after booking.

More information about the venue is available here:www.quietview.co.uk


EARLY BIRD TICKETS £45 until 31st October.


Tickets will be £55 from 1st November onwards.


A couple of by donation places also available for people who genuinely cannot afford the full price.


Lee Stagles is a men’s group leader, male integration coach, certified embodied facilitator and storyteller based in the North of England.


Karin teaches yoga and mindfulness and is a certified embodied facilitator with a background in community and performing arts.

Lee and Karin work together on the Embodied Facilitator Course. They share a love of stories and storytelling which they increasingly use in their work to help people explore what it means to be human.


Please contact Karin if you have any queries.

Inspired by master storytellers such as Martin Shaw, Clarissa Pinkola Estés and Robert Bly, Karin increasingly uses the power of stories and myths to help people explore deeper levels of consciousness.

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