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The gift of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness with Karin

for friends and family

"Karin's voice is golden."

(P - a contented relaxation session participant)

Deep relaxation and meditation are proven to be extremely beneficial to help people sleep better and feel better, have improved health, mood and resilience in an increasingly distracting world.


It’s one of Karin’s specialisms to support people’s practice of relaxation and meditation.


In the shop, you can purchase recordings of your choice for you to download and keep. There are long and deep “yoga nidras” for adults which can reduce insomnia, stress, and inflammation in the body, and improve your immune system’s functioning. And guided meditations to support you to develop a regular mindfulness practice.

Relaxing and reassuring journeys of the imagination for kids


Karin records bedtime stories for her own grandchildren (1 and 3 years old) regularly, in the form of “relaxing, reassuring journeys of the imagination”. They last between 20 and 30 mins. and incorporate tried and tested relaxation techniques in a child-friendly format.


You can order a bespoke, personalised bedtime story for a child in your life – click here to find out how.



All recorded by Karin:


Guided relaxations from £0.99 each 

Guided meditations from £0.99 each 

and coming soon for kids:

Guided bedtime stories with relaxations for children £1.99

Bespoke guided relaxations for children, featuring their favourite things £19.99


All to download and keep forever.

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