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From improving wellbeing to working with the mind

and changing your life

You might get into yoga to improve flexibility, as a way to de-stress and enjoy relaxation, to learn more about meditation, or for specific health reasons. It might take you on a more in-depth journey of personal development. Often it starts with an alternative way to exercise and manage stress, but it has the potential to help you in many different ways. The mindfulness and embodied approach which is evident in Karin's teaching can underpin and support every area of our lives - it trains the embodied mind which is involved in everything we do, including how we are in community, work, relationships and family.

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All classes are non-athletic and suitable for all bodies, beginners and more experienced yoga students who are seeking more depth of awareness.

Karin's teaching is informed by the latest thinking in contemporary yoga and embodiment to ensure the way postures are practised is as beneficial as possible and safe. Her teaching is partcularly influenced by her own study and practice of various embodiment disciplines including Feldenkrais (a therapeutic movement form), Tibetan healing yoga, mindfulness, and Hatha Yoga teacher Vanda Scaravelli (1908-1999). Vanda Scaravelli explored the natural ability of the body to be supported by gravity but yet to move very freely with the breath.


Karin's way of teaching encourages and empowers students to deeply listen to their bodies, to get to know and understand the anatomy and physiology of their bodies to create balance and harmony in posture and movement and to let go of accumulated tension and unhelpful postural and mental habits. We are often not aware of habits we have in the way we hold and move ourselves, and in the way we think and act in the world. These habits can so easily influence our practice and how we are in our life without us even realising - we just bring them with us in everything we do. So the first step is to become much more aware of ourselves and then gradually undo the unhelpful habits to replace them with full aliveness, grace and balance.

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