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9.30 to 11.00


Embody Your Intentions For The Week

Develop a conscious and resourced approach to the present and immediate future through:

  • Mindful awareness of your body, mind and breath

  • Postures tailored to what you need to be able to embody this week

  • Guided relaxation to restore and balance your energy levels



11.45 to 13.00


Embodied Meditation Training

Get to know your embodied mind for improved physical and mental health through:

  • Sitting, walking, standing and lying down meditation to explore different modes of being

  • Very gentle mindful movement to find ease and comfort in your body

  • Meditation techniques from a range of contemplative traditions so that you can find out what works for you

  • Group inquiry to resolve any challenges in the practice and motivate you to keep meditating

  • Guided deep relaxation for healing



18.15 to 19.30


Rest & Restore

Restorative reconnection with your body mid-week, including:

  • Reflective meditation to process what is going on in your life

  • Calming breath work

  • Restful and releasing movement and posture work for more comfort in your body

  • A long guided relaxation to promote deep sleep



9.30 to 11.00


Movement & Mindfulness Medicine

Uplifting class to reflect on your week and prepare for the weekend to come, including:

  • Meditation for increased awareness

  • Balancing breath work

  • Stimulating movement and posture work for increased energy levels

  • Guided relaxation to restore you for the rest of your day and week


Karin’s classes offer a space in which you are able to:


  • Enjoy a mindful movement, breathing and meditation practice

  • Develop strength, flexibility and ease in your body and mind

  • Increase your mental, emotional and physical resilience

  • Explore the wisdom of yogic approaches to life

  • Discover your own intuitive and creative approach to yoga practice

  • Expand your capacity to experience joy

  • Manage your own body and mind in times of difficulty

  • Learn how to apply what you are learning to your life off the yoga mat


Essential ingredients of the yoga practice Karin facilitates:


  • Awareness of yourself as an embodied human being

  • Practice according to how you are and how you would like to be

  • Self-care as a priority

  • Practices informed by a range of healing modalities

  • Time and space to be with yourself and reflect


Class themes:


The classes are tailored to the natural cycles of the day, week, and seasons of the year. This means a morning class in the summer will be more energetic than an evening class in the winter. And you will be encouraged to adapt your own practice so that it serves you and is responsive to what is going on in the world and in your life. In addition, each half term will have a specific explorative theme on which the movement, meditation and relaxation will be focused.