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£72 for a Spring subscription
(3 months access to the Spring practice library)


Embodied yoga in tune with nature


A programme to support you to live an embodied life

Karin teaches embodied yoga in tune with the natural body, the four elements and the cycles and seasons of life.


With a regular practice of all elements of yoga (movement, meditation, posturework, breathing exercises, deep relaxation) you are likely to increase your:

  • Embodied awareness - incorporating the wisdom of your natural body

  • Conscious choices as to how you wish to be

  • Ability to change how you are

  • Capacity to move through your life with ease

  • Creative flow

  • Adaptability and resilience

  • Compassionate resources - for self and others

  • Presence in relationships

  • Joy for living


What last year's participants said:

"I've done all my practices, and they were

absolutely bloody brilliant, thank you so much!"


"I’ve been so loving the Yoga for All Seasons. I’d love to work through it again,

and would happily pay for it all again." 

"I enjoyed your Yoga series a lot! the way you build it up,

all the different elements, the soft- & openness.

Inspiring, relaxing just what I needed."



Yoga Through The Seasons includes:

Weekly, recorded bitesize practices

New recorded practices accessible on an easy to navigate, dedicated web platform, to access in your own time. Every week, you'll receive at least:

- Two accessible & adaptable movement practices (restorative and energising practices)

- A guided embodied meditation

- A deep relaxation

- A breathwork practuce

- A short "pit-stop" practice you can embed into daily life easily

- Inspirations (for example journaling prompts)

Also included:

- Live online seasonal mini-retreats (4 times a year -  click here  for details  ) - recordings also provided

Recordings will be accessible throughout the period you subscribe for, and if you join for a whole year you will have free access for the whole of 2025 as well.

Are you into yoga for a reason, yoga for a season, or yoga for your whole life?

This programme creates a rich experience for participants. The aim is to support you to be more in touch with the seasons and your natural body. This can give a profound sense of grounding in your own body and in nature. This, in turn, can provide you with a source of stability and aliveness that can help you to navigate the increasingly disconnected society and uncertain world we all live in.

You can now book a one year membership with two payment options:


* Anyone that joins for a whole year will have full access to all the materials during 2025 as well.

  • Whole year payment: £328

  • Monthly payments: £29 / month - £348 / year

  • SPECIAL SPRING OFFER: £72 for 3 months (saves 20%)

Not sure yet? Get an experience of what the programme will be like here


About Karin

Karin is currently Trainer and Director of Meditation at Embodiment Unlimited. She teaches on many Embodiment Unlimited's courses including Foundations of Embodiment (FEC), Certificate of Embodied Coaching (CEC), Embodied Toolkit and she leads on the Embodied Meditation Teaching Certificate, Aside from yoga, she regularly practices Feldenkrais, Hanna Somatics, 5 Rhythms and NIA dance. Karin's own main yoga practices are Scaravelli-inspired yoga and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. She regularly studies with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Zen teacher Stephen Snyder is currently her mentor. She is an active member of Plum Village UK which is built on the Zen Buddhist teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Her personal practice is centred around integrating what she is learning from all her embodied practices into her life and teaching.

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