An embodied, creative and inclusive approach to practice

a journey from community arts to a yoga and mindfulness (r)evolution

About Karin

Karin has been teaching yoga and compassion-based mindfulness full-time since 2008. She is also a certified Embodied Yoga Principles teacher and Embodied Facilitator and delivers British Wheel of Yoga accredited yoga teacher training. She has taught around the UK, in Belgium and has taught medical students, young nuns and school teachers in Bhutan. Prior to teaching yoga she worked in the arts, developing & delivering community arts projects promoting social inclusion and community cohesion. She has always worked from a compassionate motivation to make the world a more creative and joyful place for everyone, and making yoga accessible to more people. This informs her current thinking about yoga, mindfulness and embodiment teaching and practice and her current charity work in the UK and abroad. Karin also has a Masters of Science degree in Mindfulness Studies and she is a practising Buddhist.


Current practice

Karin is currently Assistant Trainer and Director of Meditation on the Embodied Facilitator Course. Aside from yoga, she regularly practices Feldenkrais, Hanna Somatics, Bollywood Dance, 5 Rhythms and NIA dance. Somatic educator and artist Rachel Blackman has been mentoring Karin on her 2020 mentoring scheme. Karin's own main yoga practices are Scaravelli-inspired yoga and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. She regularly studies with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche. She is an active member of the Sea of Calm Sangha in Whitstable, a Plum Village UK group who practice the Zen Buddhist teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Her personal practice is centred around integrating what she is learning from all her embodied practices into her life and teaching.


Karin's research started with her MSc thesis which studied what yoga and mindfulness can learn from Buddhist and Western psychology and neuroscience. Influences include the work of Rick Hanson and Dan Siegel. In addition, she is exploring what it means to be a socially engaged Buddhist, mindfulness and yoga practitioner in the world today. In this she is particularly inspired by the work of Thich Nhat Hanh, Paul Linden, her mentor Rachel Blackman and Mark Walsh (founder of Embodied Yoga Principles).



Karin is an accredited British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) teacher trainer, having completed the nationally recognised three-year yoga teacher training as well as specialist meditation modules for yoga teachers and additional teacher training with the BWY to run BWY Foundation Courses and Certificate and Diploma Courses (teacher training). In 2014 Karin completed a Masters of Science degree in Mindfulness Studies at the University of Aberdeen. She is receiving regular supervision through the Mindfulness Association and is trained to teach their Mindfulness Based Living Course. She is qualified to teach Embodied Yoga Principles and she completed the Embodied Facilitator Course in 2017. Yoga teaching influences include Mindfulness Yoga, Vanda Scaravelli, Sandra Sabatini, Ginny Kempster, Maarten Vermaasse, Peter Blackaby, John Stirk, Gary Carter's structural integration approach to yoga and mindfulness meditation practice both from secular traditions and Buddhism including stress reduction and mindfulness based living approaches.


Teaching activities

Karin teaches regular daytime and evening classes for yoga and mindfulness students at any level, including complete beginners, one-to-one sessions for individuals who are not able to join group classes for a variety of reasons, or who wish to take their practice in a specific direction. She also regularly facilitates one day workshops and courses in yoga and mindfulness meditation in Canterbury and once or twice a year runs retreat weekends. Karin is an approved British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course tutor and teacher trainer, a senior Embodied Yoga Principles tutor, an Assistant Trainer on the Embodied Facilitator Course and has been an occasional tutor for the Mindfulness Association.

Other work (Karin is quite busy)

Karin works as a storyteller alongside her yoga teaching. She co-founded Being Artemis with Lee Stagles. She is a firewalk facilitator. She is Treasurer for the charity Opening Your Heart To Bhutan founded by Tibetan Buddhist nun Emma Slade. The charity helps hundreds of disabled children and young people access education in this small Himalayan Kingdom. Karin is also community development manager for the Embodied Facilitator Course.